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Entries from August 2008

First Fold, Original Prints at the Jago


This month the Jago Gallery is showcasing original prints by fifteen international artists including three of my recent etchings on plaster.

Other artists include:

  • Ghislain Puget who, with a background in sculpture, cuts into the etching plate using drills, solder and metal cutters as though he were making a flat sculptural object, which is then transferred through the press onto paper;
  • installation artist Denise Hawrysio who has strapped prepared etching plates onto herself to act as a shield while walking through bustling central Peckham;
  • Lucy Lyons, whose drawings of the atrophied bones of fibrodysplasia patients have been realised as soft ground etchings that will form part of an exhibition at the Hunterian Museum in late September;
  • Rosie Snell, whose recent etchings relate directly to her war landscapes
  • and Jason Hicklin R.E.

Tags: Etching · Exhibition