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Entries from August 2004



When I was at art school in the late 90s, there was a tacit trend of leaving paintings unsigned. I never really got to the bottom of why that was, but I do like the fact that with printmaking there is a clear method for signing work.

With a print edition, the usual practice is to mark in pencil just below the bottom-left print edge/plate mark the number of the particular print and the number of prints in the edition (e.g. 5/20 would mean the print was the fifth in an edition of twenty prints). If the print has a title, that goes in the centre. In the right-hand corner goes one’s signature. And, if the year is to be added, that goes afterwards. Extra proofs (generally up to five) can be printed beyond the stated edition and these are signed as artist’s proofs (A/P). In theory, after this, to demonstrate good faith to those who have bought the prints, the plate should be ‘cancelled’ (scored or holes drilled in it) so that it cannot be printed again.

Tags: City and Guilds of London Art School · Etching · Monoprint · Painting · Screenprint